What We Do

Travel With Melissa is a luxury travel company that specializes in planning unique and customized trips around the globe to save you time and add extra value. For our clients we take care of every detail, doing as much or as little as you want so you don’t have to worry. We differentiate ourselves by selling destinations, resorts and services with respected partners that we know personally and meet with more than once a year. Most, if not all, are places we have personally visited. For our clients, this means a customized and very personal approach to their travel planning and the depths of destination knowledge, as if we were locals. We help clients take a much needed break from their daily lives and demanding schedules. Our partners are on the ground in the destinations we sell, which provides you with exceptional access and suggestions to places that many tend to overlook.

Vacations should be a tonic for your mind, body and spirit. Each client defines what Luxury and Wellness means to them and our job is to work with that personalized understanding. We bring a discerning level of commitment and keen attention to detail ensuring your travels are creating memories and are more than β€œcrossing a destination off a list”. All of our trips are planned with the uniqueness, like a finger print, specific to where you are in life, what you need and want, and the desired experiences.  We even handle strategic long term vacation planning.