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I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions for arranging travel with Travel with Melissa LLC. I hereby authorize Travel with Melissa LLC to act upon my instructions received by telephone, fax or electronic communications, to charge to my credit card accounts listed above any expenses arising from travel arrangements made by Travel with Melissa LLC, for me and any person designated by me, including, but not limited to, airline, train tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and other land arrangements. *
By signing this credit card receipt, I understand this service fee is Non-Refundable. I acknowledge and accept all supplier cancellation penalties; all or part of my trip may be Non-Refundable. I also understand with each change request is a $100 fee per person per change. *
Upon accepting your itinerary, you agree that Travel With Melissa LLC has no liability for booking errors not reported to Melissa McKinley in writing within 24 hours after itinerary is sent to you. I agree not to dispute charges with the credit card issuing bank. My electronic or fax signature is legally binding. *
Please note that credit card information will be kept on file and if you are paying for the "deposit only" today that your credit card will be automatically charged on final payment date unless Travel with Melissa is contacted in writing with another form of payment. It is client's responsibility to contact Travel with Melissa with alternative payment information before this time. *
Travel with Melissa strongly encourages the purchase of travel insurance. Please check the box below indicating you have been given the opportunity to purchase travel insurance and have been given the opportunity to read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the travel protection plans offered by Travel with Melissa. You are aware that pre-existing conditions are ONLY waived if payment for the policy is received within 14 days of initial deposit and that this time frame is specific to the plan being purchased. Travel with Melissa will NOT be responsible should you miss the deadline to purchase the insurance with the pre-existing conditions waiver. *
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